Healthy Pregnancy Tips

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Pregnancy is a life’s rejunavating experience  of life. To have healthy pregnancy it is important that you have regular prenatal appointments, eat nutritious food, stay active and refrain from eating raw or under cooked foods. It is the time period in which a woman brings a new life that progress from one generation to the next one. 

For healthy pregnancy here are some tips to follow during pregnancy.

1. Take Prenatal Vitamins Regular

During   Pregnancy prenatal vitamins are supplements for healthy pregnancy. You get the nutrients needed for healthy pregnancy through prenatal vitamins. Take folic acid, Vitamin D , Calcium , Vitamin C, SUGGESTED by your Doctor everyday.                      2. Balance Vata             

During pregnancy vata dosha needs to be balanced as it affects the nervous system. Caring of vata dosha is best done with a diet , fresh plant based foods. Freshly cooked foods with ghee and coconut are good . Madhur(sweet) , Lavana(salt) , Amla (sour) rasatmak aahar decreases vata. so take this rasas in your daily diet as much possible.

3. Abhyagam(Ayurvedic massage)

Abhyagam means Ayurvedic massage with an herbalised massage oil. expetant mothers should do Abhyangam regularly . It reduces stress, improve skin health, reduce muscle stiffness. The itchiness of a growing body is reduced. ayurvedic massage helps in promoting circulation of blood throughout the body. as calm mother helps calm baby so do daily massage with oil for healthy and happy calm baby.                                  4. Avoid Stressful Situations

Expecting mothers should stay away from negative violent , horror drama scenes or any other films , videos that are violent . as it causes negative violentile vibations on baby. also avoid too much travelling during pregnancy big changes like  shifting as it can cause vata imbalance which in turn impacts the sleep pattern.                           5. Pranayam and Meditation

Though some of pranayam are contraindicated during pregnancy. but some techniques of breathing are very much beneficial for mothers and baby. Deep breathing technique increases the breathing capacity , making the lungs work more efficiently. Breathing fully and deeply increases the O2 LEVELS for gaseous exchange necessary for nourishment and cleansing of the body cells . It strengthens the immune system , produce energy and detoxify blood. Meditation during pregnancy reduce stress and helps for better sleep during pregnancy.




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