What Can We Do To Increase Chances of Normal Delivery?

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Giving Birth is one of the most natural experiences a woman can have. But a Normal Delivery is often perceived to be a risky and unbearably painful experience. That is simply because of the lack of knowledge about normal Delivery.

A normal delivery, also known as a normal vaginal delivery is the process of birthing a child through the vaginal canal.

This is the natural process of birthing in many cases, to be mothers opt for this type of birth as it reduces complications that can come from surgical interventions.

What factors improve your chances of a Normal delivery?

Certain factors determine your ability to have a normal delivery. They may not guarantee a 100% result, through you may have increased chances of a normal delivery if:

  • You do not have any underlying health issues, such as asthama, which may aggravate during pregnancy and labour.
  • You have a ideal weight as being overweight could increase the chances of having a large baby and lower the chances of normal delivery.
  • Your pregnancy is going smoothly without any complications.
  • You are physically active throughout your pregnancy.
  • Your physiological conditions, including blood pressure, blood sugar and hemoglobin are in control.

Tips for Normal Delivery



1. Take child birth education classes :

Studies suggest that people who take parental childbirth education classes have 50% more chances to have normal delivery.

Awareness is what everyone seeks for such crucial times.

2. Read and talk – acquire knowledge about childbirth.

Read a lot of books about childbirth, talk to your mother and other elderly women regarding childbirth through their experience, and do not be overwhelmed; sometimes too much information might leave you with a confused state.

3. Stay away from stress :

It is common to feel stressed during pregnancy. It is advisable to avoid stress, anxiety and random thoughts because negative emotions can turn the process of childbirth into a nightmare.

4. Stay Hydrated :

Water is vital for your health. You will need more water because you are pregnant.

Labor is hard for the baby and you will need extra water to stay hydrated. Your body gets a lot of stamina and energy with water and you will be less likely to need intravenous fluids.




Food tips for normal Delivery:

1. Eat Right

A healthy mother means a healthy baby. Diet should consist of a healthy dose of fruits, vegetable, legumes and dairy.

Avoid eating street food as they may contain bacteria which could harm your health.

2. During 9 month of pregnancy include

Spinach – You can use it in soup, salad or sabzi

Fiber rich diet.

  • Pregnancy exercises for normal delivery

Before starting any exercise always ask you gynecologist, your doctor known your condition very well that which exercises will suit your body.

Below are some normal Delivery exercises

1. Practice right breathing exercises;

Breathing from the chest, Breathing from the stomach, shallow breathing.

2. Walking

Walking is an excellent exercise so start walking. You can take walk at-least 30 minutes twice a day. It helps prevent problems of constipation, high blood pressure & restlessness

3. Prenatal Yoga

For normal delivery when you are pregnant book yourself for prenatal yoga classes.

As It keeps you calm and relaxed.

Strengthens your hips for childbirth.

Improved your balance.

If these tips improve the chances a vaginal delivery, your body may send some signals that it is ready for natural birth.

All above are some tips for normal delivery.

Always remember the most important thing is the baby’s and mother’s health at priority and then go on with the decision instead of jumping on to quick decisions.

Follow your doctor’s directions and do everything you can do to maintain your health.



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