saatvik diet -vedamrut garbhsanskar
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Aahar varnan in Ayurveda:Ayurveda has  explained scientifically what is the role of diet /Aahar during pregnancy. according to Aacharya vagbhat every human should take diet in specific quantity .Limit of diet should decide according to the nature [heavy/light] of diet. Aachrya charak also explained about diet/Aahar in charak sanhita.

Diet types on basis of Guna

1) Satvik


3) Tamsik

1)Satvik: In Bhagvadgeeta there is shloka about Aahar that how the diet of person affects their physical emotional and mental strength and ability.

Satvik means pure,clean,strong energy. Taking Satvik diet one’s mind (Mann) get purified by positive and pure energy and directly get by the baby in womb. As Satvik diet is already having positive energy it’s nature develops baby’s physical emotional strength.



Salty and spicy food is Rajsik food. Food that are spicy and sour called Rajsik during pregnancy if you want to take this type of food u can take it twice a week not more than that as baby got affected by the natur of food so pregnant women should take care of this.



3) Tamsik:

Oily, spicy, non vegetarian food ( fish,meat, chicken) this type of food is Tamsik food. This type of food causes Lethargy.

Ayurveda has advised not to take non vegetarian food during pregnancy. because of Tamsik food can cause acidity and also it takes more time to digest this food.


Ayurveda has mentioned in Charak samhita that Aahar should include all the rasa, (madhur,amla,Lavan,katu,tikta,kashay)

These 6 ras that are Sweet,Sour, salty, pungent,bitter, Astringent are important for body metabolism and digestion.

Sweet – milk,rice,wheat, sweet fruits, homemade sweet dish, coconut.

Sour– Tamarind,mango aachar,lemon,curd,amla.

Salt – Includes all type of salts

Pungent– All types of spices cumin, cinnamon.

Bitter-curry leaves, coriander,bitter gourd

Astringent -buttermilk,green tea.

All these are Shadrasatmak Aahar so pregnant women should take whole Shadrasatmak Aahar/ Diet for healthy pregnancy.



Image of Shadrasatmak Aahar.

Ayurveda Diet For 3 Trimester:

  • Ayurveda Trimester wise Diet.                  First trimester: During first trimester nausea, vomiting are frustrating for the pregnant women. For this In diet try to eat after every 2 hrs. In Morning take Panchamrut. For  breakfast You can take 1 milk product Poha, Upma,daliya. For lunch include 1 leafy vegetable and Shadrasatmak Aahar not to forget to take lots of ghee with your lunch.
  • Second trimester:  During second trimester nause vomiting subsides. So Try to take the all the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your Diet for lunch and dinner. Also start taking butter milk abundantly in your meal. Take your protein powder or the suggested medicine by your gynaecologist in your milk.

Third Trimester: Last phase of pregnancy is your last means third trimester most probably weight gain of baby and mother increases during this trimester. So take extra care of your Meals, take regular your meal on time. Add maximum amount of Ghee to your meal.                                                                      Now the modern Aspect of Protein intake for pregnancy is that pregnant women required 46- 70 gm per day . For this requirement take Lentils, Peas, groundnut yogurt all the protein rich foods include in your Meal.                                                   Iron intake is also the most important for baby’s brain development pregnant women required 30 mg of Iron per day to fulfill the need of developing baby in womb. For the proper absorption of Iron Vitamin C is needed. So taking only Iron rich food is not sufficient. Try to take Vitamin C rich food in every meal. For Iron take Green leafy vegetables, chickpeas, kidney beans, pomegranate etc. For Vitamin C take lemon juice, Curd, Aamla in your Meal.                                                                   In Ayurveda Clearly mentioned for the pregnant women Meal should be freshly homemade Meal including all the Ras in Diet. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are important for developing baby. As it contains all the nutrients for the healthy baby.

Food/Aahar should be freshly made, Hot, In proper quantity. One should consume the food which is homemade and includes all the Shadrasatmak Aahar having Salad cucumber, tomato,carrot, beetroot . Pregnant women should take buttermilk after lunch for better digestion. Ayurveda has clearely mentioned the effects of food on baby in womb. Every pregnant women must follow all the important things related to food for healthy baby.





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