Benifits of OM Chanting in Pregnancy

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OM/AUM chanting is ancient method used by our ancestors for healthy growth and development of in womb.Baby not only listens in womb but also memorize and learns in the womb as the best example of it is about the Mahabharat character Abhimanyu as we all are aware of the whole story about him. during pregnancy OM chanting is very beneficial for developing baby in womb.                                                                                                                                                                Mystic OM/AUM                                                                                                                              OM/AUM is the ultimate reality and absolute truth. The seed of all creations and the secret of manifestations.It is the unification of the Mind,Body,and Spirit.OM is pronounced as ‘AUM’ with a deep breath.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Meaning of AUM

                A- Waking state

                U-Dream state

               M-Deep sleep state 

                                                                                                             Importance of OM chanting

Along with diet and supplement chanting and meditation should be made integral part by the expectant mothers. chanting om creates high positive vibes,tranquility,invokes deep peace. It cause pure mind and pure heart in both mother and baby.

                                          OM is powerful tool to overcome stress,anxiety.vibrations of om chanting reaches to baby passing all benefits of chanting to baby.

                                                                                                    Benifits To Baby and Mother

Eases Labour:  

OM chanting relaxes muscles, muscle tensions and relieves lower back pain of pregnancy. OM chants reduces the chance of low birth weight babies.

Gives emotional strength: 

OM chants help in decreasing maternal stress by relaxing body and mind. om helps in channelizing positive energies for emotinal support and peace.It can decrease negative thoughts. OM chants controls mood swing promotes sound sleep.

Lowers BP:

OM chants improves heart function lowers BP if you are facing PIH pregnancy induced hypertention then it will help you a lot controlling BP.


Our Vedic scriptures so beautifully written the science behind mantras and chanting. We need to understand the importance of chanting OM. Also use the the methods of chanting for well being and expectant mothers for baby’s development.  Vedamrut Garbh Sanskar focuses on baby’s overall development that is physical,emotional. Take some time to invest for your baby’s future.



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