Garbha sanskar Mythological stories for Bright child

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Garbhsanskar essentially means educating the mind of the fetus . GARBHA – fetus in the womb , SANSKAR- educating the mind. Development of baby begins before birth not when it is born . a women’s joys and sufferings , every emotion impacts the fetus. This is the reason why in earlier times our ancestors said pregnant woman should devote herself to spiritual practices. It is found in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a prenatal education guide for pregnant women. read the following Mythological Garbhsanskar story that you must know.


Story of Abhimanyu is the most famous from Mhabharata it is the best example of Garbhsanskar . Abhimanyu was in his mother’s womb when his mother subhadra listens Chakravyuha penetration a technique use in war . Arjun father of Abhimanyu told about this to Subhadra. Abhimanyu remembered this story , during war of Kurukshetra penetrate the chakravyuha using his memory power.


The story of Prahlad is from the puranas. Prahlad was born into a demons family his father was Hiranyakashyapu who was wreaking havoc on the gods in heaven . All the humans ,Rishis were threatened due to his activities . due to some reason his mother{ pralhad’s mother} have to stay in rishi ashram during her Pregnancy. The Rishis were devotess of Lord Vishnu as a result he became a devotee of Lord Vishnu . HE STOOD BY GOOD AND RENOUNCED ALL EVIL. This led to the downfall of his demon father’s evil empire.


Shivaji maharaj was one of the most iconic king for the whole world .anyone knows aim of his birth. Shahaji father of shivaji maharaj and Maa Jijau mother of shivaji maharaj decided to save Maratha Empire from falling down . both of them take Sankalp to give birth to a courageous , intelligent , strong child . Heir for Maratha Empire under whose guidance Maratha Empire will touch new heights . Born of shivaji maharaj was truly the new begining for Maratha Empire . Shivaji Maharaj was given Garbhsanskar in the womb . and He was brought up by giving Spiritual and rreligious scriptures knowlegde . as we all know the rest of history.

Garbhasanskar is the practice of staying positive and maintaining the right mental , physical and emotinal state of Mind for developing baby. In hindu scriptures it is suggested to pregnant woman that she should listens the calm music also should stay away from Anger, jealousy . pregnant woman should stay positive during her journey of Pregnancy.

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